Work With Me: Nourish Your Intuition

A properly nourished woman thrives. She has balance, drive & clarity. She can access her inner creative source and therefore feed her intuition, allowing her to receive the current of inspiration. The barricades come down. She becomes wiser and more adept in sourcing the right sustenance; physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Salt & Sky has been growing & transforming over the past few years; roots reaching deeper into the salt of the Earth as branches stretch to the sky. These roots are nurtured by soil rich in vision & creative energy, feeding the ever-expanding knowledge that fuels my passion to help others.

I am currently studying Holistic Nutrition at CSNN and, in the spirit of helping you become more naturally energized and centred, I am now available for one-on-one holistic nutrition services as I round the last bend in my studies.

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On the physical plane, one way we communicate with our body is through food. Each nutrient carries a bio-chemical message that plays its part in writing script and creating stories within us. I work with you in a way that allows us to “edit” your script, using food & lifestyle changes.

In this way, you get to write your own ending using the information and tools I offer you. Each story is unique and brilliant in it’s own right, therefore my method involves personalizing each and every protocol.

By working on balancing your gut health using nutrients & lifestyle tools, I will show you how to lift brain fog, regain energy & clear away negative thought patterns in order to bring the focus onto dealing with your main health concerns. These can be anywhere from hormonal imbalances (PMS, migraines, endometriosis, breast cancer, fibroids etc.), depression, anxiety and allergies to IBS, adrenal fatigue and arthritis. This list is not exhaustive, for as Hippocrates once said, “All disease begins in the gut”.

I am humbled & honoured to reach out with the offerings, information & support you need in order to create an open space in which you can welcome your own inspiration, nourish your body & begin to gather functional knowledge along your path of wellness.

To quote Lynn V. Andrews, “As you gather knowledge from the infinite sea of consciousness and life experience, you begin to evolve.” We are all worthy of evolving into the people we wish to be. We all deserve to be present in our own stories and to play our chosen role in our health.


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