Stories Within, Stories Without: A Writers Collective

The theme here at Salt & Sky is holistic wellness, which encourages nourishing your mind and spirit as much as your body.

On the physical plane, I believe strongly that the nutrients we put in our bodies can heal or harm us. They create the bio-chemical stories within us. Each nutrient & anti-nutrient plays a role in this story.

Spiritually, I believe our thoughts, our self-talk and the words & images we surround ourselves with play the most formative roles in our spiritual & energetic stories.

They, also, have the power to heal or to harm.

Here I hope to use words as medicine to change the stories that may be harming us and shine some light on the ones that heal.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, since I was a scrawny little thing roaming the fields and forests around my home and swimming in the lake until my toes turned blue.¬†Until a few years ago, I’ve always kept my writing to myself. At first it seemed far too personal, and then later too small & insignificant, especially after reading the blazing and humbling work from greats such as Sexton, Plath, Bukowski and Yeates. These four writers in particular have acted as mighty pillars in my life, supporting a safe literary haven to escape to.

Whether we are aiming to be among the greats, or simply getting words down as a way to release and move forward, we all have a creative force that needs to move; a river running within us that needs to flow.

If this force, these stories, get locked up & forgotten inside of us, they will eventually start to run out of air, panic and start banging on the cellar door, loudly distracting us from moving forward in life until we listen up.

Some of us don’t know yet to listen, or how to listen. We try and drown out the noise with our vice(s) of choice: abusing alcohol, drugs and/or food; putting up with unhealthy relationships, letting others decide our lives for us, negative self-talk, materialism, excessive pessimism, excessive optimism. The choices in which to punish ourselves are plenty and the only true antidote is to acknowledge the distractions in order to let our stories flow.

I invite self-identified women around the world, of all ages to join me in stoking their inner creative fire. It is necessary medicine. I believe the world, now more than ever, needs an influx of the feminine creative force. There is nothing more powerful, there is nothing more healing.

In short, my aim is to empower women young and old: whether Maiden, Mother or Crone; whether terrified, enthusiastic, sorrowful or bursting with light. I wish to create connection & community around the globe through drawing out the creative source within us all.

More specifically, what I hope to accomplish is to:

1) Gain adequate writing submissions of poetry & short stories for this page.

2) Apply for a grant to turn this collaboration into a book.

3) Contribute 100% of the proceeds to a cause that all contributing writers vote on when the time comes.

4) Have a lot of fun connecting with all of you in the process!

If you would like to contribute a piece of your writing in the form of a poem or short story, please contact me at or DM me on Instagram: @saltandsky.wellness. If you feel you need a nudge or some inspiration, please get in touch and I can offer some themes, writing prompts and encouraging words.

I feel it is important to point out that I don’t personally gain financially from this project. Your name (unless you choose to remain anonymous) will be clearly credited along with a social media link back to your original work, should you wish to include one.

I look forward to your submissions. I can’t wait to hear your stories.

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