For each of these protocols, I use science-based strategies to bio-chemically rebalance your body systems & help to correct nutritional deficiencies. 


Nutritional Clean Up

Included: Consultation (90 min), Basic Protocol, One Follow up

Investment: $84-$114

  • this is a general yet personalized food-based protocol that is recommended for those seeking a supportive nudge towards cleaner eating & increased energy.

Nutritional & Lifestyle Clean-Up

Included: Consultation (90 min), Personalized Protocol, Follow up, Email support throughout protocol (1 month)

Investment: $124-$144

  • this is a more in-depth, personalized protocol that incorporates both food & lifestyle recommendations as well as email support from me for the entire month

Healthy Gut & Lifestyle Protocol

Included: Consultation (90 min), Personalized Gut-Health Protocol, Follow Up, Email support throughout protocol (4-6 months)

Investment: $154-$224

  • this is an in-depth, personalized protocol built with a central focus on gut-health. I will expand this protocol based on your personal circumstances (ex. allergies, chronic fatigue, PMS, menopause, low libido, anxiety, depression, auto-immune conditions etc.)
  • includes both food & lifestyle recommendations, as well as email support throughout protocol


To get in touch, please fill out the form below or feel free to email me directly at for any further inquiries. Prices will be determined during your consultation and are based on the number of health concerns you wish to address.

In order to make my services more accessible, please note that I accept one client per month based on a general sliding scale of $45-85, based on client’s income. This encompasses all services listed above.