2018: Year of the High Priestess


It’s no mistake that 2018 introduced itself under the spellbinding power of a silent and salient Full Wolf Moon. The Wolf Moon (also called the Old Moon) this year arrived in Cancer, the astrological sign of the Great Mother. And, in Tarot terms, the numerology of 2018 places us in the 2nd card of the Major Arcana: The High Priestess (with Justice as her right hand woman). It just so happens that the High Priestess is ruled by both the Moon & Cancer. What a powerful way to bring in an entire year!

The High Priestess invites us into deep, psychic, yin energy. She asks us to be silent and receptive; to wake up dreaming and to listen deeply in our sleep. She is Bear energy; the silent cave we retreat to in order to digest and assimilate the previous year’s happenings. She rises and shines through the pineal gland (our third eye) and is the Great Seer & our internal mystic mama. This all knowing feminine archetype is able to see in the dark by the light of the moon, which shines a celestial glow onto the innate, ancient knowledge we carry deep within.

Like the Moon, the High Priestess represents the archetypal stages in a woman’s life. From Maiden to Mother to Crone and back again, she opens us up to the deep wisdom contained throughout each stage.

To quote Vicki Noble’s richly empowering book, ‘Motherpeace: The Way to the Goddess through Myth, Art & Tarot’,

“The High Priestess is Artemis the Daughter , youthful and free, nymph or maiden; she is Selene the Mother, Pasiphae the Full Moon (“She Who Shines For All”); and she is Hekate, the old wise woman who’s powers include divination and healing, midwifery, and the secrets of death and renewal”.

The world desperately needs to tap into this energy. To drop into our own truth and get to know our shadow side so that we can take steps to work harmoniously with it. When we find answers in ourselves, we tend to waste much less time and energy out in the world, which means we are acting in a way that is more harmonious with the Earth. This causes a ripple effect that travels out from our energy fields and creates more harmony around us. It’s an energetic form of paying it forward. Depending on how we act now, it can be great news that 2019 brings us the Empress. This card represents Mother Earth in all her loving, nurturing and bountiful essence. She connects us socially and isn’t afraid to love herself and everyone around her. If, collectively, we can truly take up the invitation of High Priestess to honour our internal deep knowing by really trusting our guts and PAYING ATTENTION to that voice within when it comes to how we are treating our planet, we can make room for the harmonious & nurturing ways of the Empress when she arrives.

Otherwise we may be facing a rather pissed-off version of her, with the power to wreak terrible havoc on everyone around her. And who could blame her after centuries of abuse, ignorance and ego-driven mansplaining.

So let’s utilize this year’s High Priestess energy the best we can. We can do this by talking less, listening more and taking time to get to know ourselves. It’s time to tune into the most subtle of energies & integrate what happens around us and to us, rather than reacting. This doesn’t mean ignoring what’s going on or putting up with inappropriate actions. It means taking time to process what happens in your life so that if and when you do act, it’s from a place of wisdom and deep reverence for yourself, others & most importantly, Mother Earth.

We know we can do better, don’t we? The High Priestess asks us to table our ego as much as we can and start tuning in to the ancients; to our blood memories, our innate knowing. We already have all the answers within, we just have to stop yammering on long enough to let them surface.


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